Prayer and Gorilla Glue

family-prayer2a1 John 2  “Family Prayer is like Gorilla Glue—stuck for a Life Time”

[I just got a text from a friend. Heading out to be with family; can’t wait! We can pray together! Does that resonate with you? Does your family pray together? If not, then this blog is for you! I must admit I was a bit jealous; few of my family members pray together. So this is my heart speaking to you; please listen….]

So what does that conversation have to do with Gorilla Glue and Prayer? Stay tuned! Gorilla glue is a strong substance which, if used properly, bonds two surfaces and keeps them bonded. Prayer is like the family’s Gorilla Glue bonding each family member to one another.

The Apostle John wanted his flock to know the truth that “families that pray together stay together!”  It was true then and it is true now because prayer awakens our hearts to carry one another’s burdens and/or to rejoice with them. Unfortunately, today we are seeing more and more families that are dysfunctional or fractured; their glue has lost its “stick-to-i-tive-ness.” Some members remain aloof or protective behind their self-imposed cloak of privacy. Perhaps that is why John, like a father, uses this term of endearment, “my little children.” He is encouraging them to be a fully functional family because he is aware that they will face the adversary who roams about seeking whom he can devour.

If you are still reading, know this: Prayer is our “Gorilla Glue” protection against the adversary, Satan. Our Advocate, Jesus Christ the Righteous One, reminds us that prayer is our weapon, our “Gorilla Glue,” against him. Beloved, know this; the adversary knows that a family that practices righteous praying together is able to thwart his advances.

So let me ask you, are you praying together as a family? If not, why not start today?


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