When Was The Last Time You Talked to God and…

Deut 2-4 “When Was the Last Time You Heard God Speak to You?”

Deut 2 to 4 God is God2a

Have you ever asked the people on the street what they think of the God of the OT? Many think that there are two “God’s.” There is the God of the OT as a cruel and harsh taskmaster but the God of the NT as loving and kind. However, a close study of both testaments reveals that God is God; and He is immutable, He does not change. He blesses and like a loving parent, He disciplines.

We only come to know those principles if we spend time in His Word reading from the beginning to the end so that we realize and carefully consider that the LORD is God in heaven above and on earth below – there is no other!” Moses reminded the children of Israel “He spoke to you from the middle of the fire, you heard speech but you could not see anything—only a voice was heard.” The children of Israel only heard his voice but now His voice speaks to us across the written page. It reminds us that the God we have chosen to follow is faithful and blesses those who obey Him. Those He calls hear his powerful shout that is majestic. He thunders with his voice in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding. [Job 37:5]

Have you taken time today to hear His voice?


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