Should we Intervene to God for Another’s Sin?

Deut 9 When you hear devastating news or news that grabs your heart do you stop and pray? How many of us glibly we say “I will pray for you” and then we walk away without giving another thought to that person’s true need. Meet the man Moses; a man of prayer with a broken heart. He spends not a few minutes but 40 days and nights; falling down before the Lord for the sin the Israelites had committed.


What drove him to pray for such a long time for these stubborn and rebellious people? What drives us to pray as he did? Do we truly sense the “anger and displeasure” of sin? Do we truly understand what God can do? Do we truly believe that “it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God?” [Heb 10]

Moses again interceded a second time falling down before the Lord 40 days and nights seeking the mercy of  God.  Do we cry out to God for His mercy upon them so that God’s promises might be fulfilled? Do we remind God of His people, His inheritance?

We are exhorted to pray for others that we might see Him work and give Him praise. “We can seek the mercy and power of God through prayer by praying with the same heart and by pleading the same reasons before the LORD.” [David Guzik]

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