“Serve-Us: or Service?”



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Deut 10  Across our world, the mantra has raised its head: no more refugees; no more immigrants. Yet while on earth, our Lord and Master taught us clearly we are to love the foreigner as a neighbor. In this Deuteronomy passage, God says we are to love the resident foreigner and demonstrate that by giving them food and clothing. The reason is clear: you were once resident foreigners in the land of Egypt.

Similarly today we are confronted with those seeking our help but we find ourselves assisting at arm’s length. We do so because “the fear of man is a snare” and we feel as if we want to help but we have been faced with too many con artists. We want to obey and trust God but we fear being taken advantage of.

When confronted remember what Jesus said: I came not to be served but to serve.  Simply ask God what to do and listen to His quiet voice speaking to you. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and He will not lead you astray. A second principle when still wondering; meet the need before you and leave the results to God. Begin and end in prayer so you are doing God’s will God’s way.

The question:

Do we want to be Jesus to others by serving them or do we want them to serve us?


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