The Poor and Our Responsibility

Deut 15 tom-parsons2a-Deut 15 Jesus told the crowd that we would always have the poor with us. Moses reiterated this idea in Deuteronomy 15 as well.  Jesus and Moses remind us that there should not be any poor among us because, as God’s children, He will bless us so we can bless others in return.

So why do we still have the poor among us?

It is because of our sin nature, our poor choices and sometimes circumstances out of our control.

We should abide by the counsel of Moses, Jesus, and the early church; when faced with those in need, reach out and provide for them—as the Spirit leads.  Why should we do that?  Moses reminded the children of Israel that they were a slave in the land of Egypt and the Lord God redeemed them.  Therefore, he commanded them to do this thing not only in the future but presently. We also were enslaved, not to a harsh taskmaster, but to sin and Jesus redeemed us. Now we must seek to provide and redeem those in need.

Remember the Good Samaritan? He gave out of his abundance to help a needy person in sharp contrast to the Levite and the Priest. [You can read his story in Luke 10]We who are blessed should exemplify the Samaritan and use our gifts to help the less fortunate among us.  The principle is: return God’s blessings on others so you may be blessed in return.

A generous person will be blessed, for he has given some of his food to the poor. [Pro 22:9] 


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