Which Person Am I/Are You?

Luke 10 The Samaritan Teaches Us Grace Jesus uses a simple story to show us how to put aside all preconceived ideas of what Grace looks like and answers the question: who is my neighbor? Interestingly, Jesus tells this story, which follows His meeting with the Samaritan woman to show men that God is impartial. […]

The Heart of Compassion

Advent Series 1John 3 to 5 “The Gift of Compassion” Compassion is the trait of sharing and caring for others in their time of need. The Apostle John lived his last years in Ephesus but his heart is seen for those less fortunate, like the prisoners he ate, slept and worked with on the Isle […]

Thorns; Thistles and God’s Will

Thorns and Thistles are part of our world and when experiencing them we respond with “ouch.”  But, we also meet them as thorny people. Their attitude and countenance say, leave me alone.  You ask how they are doing but their response is a cold shoulder. OUCH. We think what did I do to deserve that? […]

What is True Compassion?

The Apostle Matthew, the tax collector, knows true versus false compassion.If there was on Apostle that truly understood rejection by the religious establishment, it is Matthew. That is why it is important that we see this chapter through his eyes and why he intertwines the religious leader’s false faith and the Canaanite woman’s true faith so […]

Psalm 68 “God Springs Into Action…”

The psalmist beautifully records his thoughts about God in all of his glory as he exalts him in the descriptions as the true God, the God of the heavens who rides his chariots upon the clouds and across the desert sands. God’s perspective is from on high and from there He leads for He who […]

The Compassion of Christ

As we are walking through Passion Week and soon will celebrate Resurrection Sunday it is important for us to step back and look at the life of Christ and the writer Mark will be our guide. As we begin we see that Mark reveals the urgency of Christ’s message to a world wallowing in sin. […]