“The Word of God is Powerful”

bible-prayers2aBible history is fascinating and teaches us many practical as well as spiritual lessons. The prophet Nahum was sent to encourage the kingdom of Judah as they were being assaulted by the Assyrians. In particular it was the king of Nineveh who was brutal. If you think ISIS is brutal, you “ain’t seen nothing yet.” In a contest for the title of “most brutal”  Assyria would win hands down.

While Judah waits for Nahum’s prophecy to happen, God in His mercy places a righteous king, Josiah on the throne in Judah. Why did Josiah earn the reputation of a righteous king? He was transformed by the renewing of his mind through the power of the Word of God and that happens when the Holy Spirit steps in and convicts us of our sin. [Rom 12/John 16]

God’s Word pierced his heart. He “heard the words of the law scroll, and he tore his clothes,” [2Kings 22]. And like Jeremiah reminded us in ch 6, he knew he stood at a crossroads. He considered the path before him, sought wise counsel and followed through on it. The point of his story is not the discovery of the Law but that it led to a complete reformation personally and nationally. Josiah allowed God to reform his thinking and his actions and it will do the same for you. Take another example, Martin Luther. He too was transformed by the renewing of his mind when he read ““The righteous by faith will live.” He too stood at a crossroads and on Oct 31st he nailed his 95 theses on the castle door and sparked the reformation that led to where we are today.

Both Josiah and Luther were reformed by the Word of God and it will do the same for you. But, be forewarned, when the Holy Spirit takes charge powerful things happen. King Josiah cleansed the temple, removed the idols, and deposed false teachers. Martin Luther caused the church to wake up and bring the gospel message to the people.

Are you ready for God to work in your life?

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