Words have consequences

Colossians 1 The author Paul had never set foot in Colosse, yet Epaphros or Epaphroditus was from there.We glean from other letters that he had gone to Rome seeking out Paul and from there several things had transpired, one of which was a lasting friendship. Upon hearing of the Colossian church, and the problems there, Paul’s heart was torn. Like many of us, when we hear of tests and trials of others, we can say we are sorry but go on our way or we can get involved. Paul did the latter. We know from the letter to  Philemon that Paul was instrumental in the salvation of the slave, Onesimus and his return to his owner. We also learn that his owner used his home as a house church in Colosse. As so happens with us in our world, we too find ourselves immersed in the life of those we have not had the opportunity to engage face to face, yet our lives are forever changed because of this new introduction.

Paul immersed himself in these people so much so that he called them saints and faithful brethren. How do we speak of those with whom we have never met, but have in some way corresponded? In Paul’s case it began a love triangle between Paul, Epaphros and Philemon. Paul shares his heart with them and some wise counsel about their spiritual walk.  Wisdom from others can gently and boldly disciple even from afar. 

Who has God put in your path to disciple? 

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