Ilusion or Reality?

Ps 49 There are many today, who like fools, think they can outlive their final end. They seek to stop death by a sundry means but the God of the universe tells us that each person alive today will one day meet their destiny—-and God. What is your destiny? The Chinese emperors and Pharaohs of Egypt built lavish tombs and many took their riches and slaves and maid servants with them thinking that in their afterlife they would have pleasure as now. But, for the Christian, we know that every man is destined to die and after that the judgment. [Heb 9:27 paraphrased.] What will be your destiny? When you die, will you be ready to meet God? 

Today as you awaken to begin a new day, stop and give God praise for another day to serve and love Him who gives you life. If you have not given your heart to God, do it today so that when death arrives, you are ready to see His face and hear well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord. Death is not an illusion, it is a reality and you need to prepare now to meet God. 

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