Be a Blessing Today

Matt 11 you were J+2As John the Baptist sat languishing in the Roman prison after he encountered and chastised Herod, Jesus took time to assure him and his followers that He was indeed “the One”, the Messiah, the Christ. Jesus said look and listen and see the evidence that I am the Christ as he recounts one miracle after another.

It is time for us as well to look and see what Christ has done when the gospel message full of grace and mercy is preached and received. Truly the blind see—that is the spiritually blind are given spiritual insight; the lame walk—those who are weak are given strength; the lepers are cleansed—those who are spiritually dead in their transgressions and sins are made alive; the deaf hear—ears are opened to hear the truth of the gospel message; the dead are raised—the spiritually dead are given new life; the poor have the good news proclaimed—and this is the message of the gospel as it goes forth. And that is why Jesus inserts this beautiful beatitude in vs 6 “blessed is anyone who takes no offense at me!”

From that point on Jesus reflects on John’s preparation for Him. This is a lesson for us that we too should bless those who have prepared the way for us. Who in our past prepared the way for us to receive Jesus? Stop and ponder. Then offer words of praise for those who were instruments of God to bring you to salvation.

Who brought you to Jesus? Bless them today for their work of faith.

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