The Witnesses

John 1:15-51, Matt 4, Luke 4-5 John the Baptist has been called by God to be the voice of the Messiah who is now in their midst. He answered their questions: I am not the Christ, I am not Elijah, I am not the prophesied Prophet, BUT I am the voice in the wilderness. I am preparing the way of the Lord by baptizing you to meet the Lamb of God. He is now in your midst, but you do not recognize Him, and I am unworthy to untie his sandal straps.

How do I know it is He? John replies, “I was witness to the Spirit descending upon him from heaven and it rested upon him. “ That was the sign that God gave me. This is he of whom the prophets spoke.

How often do we face questions about the Messiah? We can echo John and tell the world that He is the one of whom God prophesied and one who has the Spirit of God upon Him.

But what about us? We have not witnessed John, nor have we been baptized by him. We have, however, met the Messiah somewhere along our life’s path, and we have been the recipients of the Spirit of God upon us. Have you met Him?

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