Empty Jars and Hearts

John 2 Many a year ago, we were married, but the day much like this story in John 2, had a very embarrassing moment. After saying our vows, the photographer insisted he take us to take photos. Unbeknownst to us, the drama in the church was just beginning. The day was exceedingly hot, and the church had no AC. The photographer kept insisting he needed more pictures. In the meantime, while we were sweltering outside, inside, the food sat in the kitchen and was never served. Imagine our embarrassment as we returned only to find all the guests had left, the food was untouched, and everyone was hot and just plain miserable. We can thus relate to this story in a very real and practical but embarrassing way.

How I wish Jesus had been a part of our wedding!

The story begins in Cana, and the wedding had been planned, but there was a problem. No wine! Mary sought out the one she knew could solve the problem. Moms like me think a son can solve any problem. She trusted Jesus and told the servants to do whatever He said to do. What did Jesus see? He saw empty jars, much like He sees us empty and in need of His transforming power. He told the servants to fill the jars to the brim, a picture of how the Holy Spirit fills our souls!

What a beautiful picture of Jesus’ compassion and care. He sees us as an empty jar in need of His transforming power! 

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