Matt 11: The populace wondered who John was. They wonder who “this” Jesus is. Over and over the question surfaces, who is this man? Who was John speaking from the wilderness? Yet, we know that John knew who Jesus as for the heavens opened and he saw the dove descending upon Jesus and heard God speak: This is my beloved son, listen to him. 

So why did John, in prison, send two disciples to ask Jesus are you the one to come or should we look for another. Graciously Jesus asked them to look at the evidence. Times have changed but the questions remain the same: is He the Christ. 

Jesus in His gracious way says look at the evidence. The blind see; the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, He asks the people and the two disciples of John to look at the evidence. That is what we must do as well, ask people to see the evidence. What has happened in our lives? Is it clear to others of His saving grace? Is this verse true in our lives as others look at the evidence: Are we being transformed? [2Cor 3:18; Rom 12:2] 

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