A Crisis of Belief

When God speaks, do you have a crisis of belief

Judges 13-15 Back in the day of the Judges, the Israelites were excited when a baby was coming, but for some, like Mrs. Manoah, there was only sadness because she was barren. Was she sitting out in the field bemoaning her plight? Did God look down from heaven and say that there is a godly woman who needs a child? God knows the heart of women; men too, but this story is about a woman:

Whatever the circumstances were, she was out in the field, and Mr. Manoah was “house sitting.” What was he doing? Watching the sports channel? Anyway, he missed the blessing, but she was granted an audience with the Angel of the Lord.

Is there a time I miss the blessing because I am in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Enter God’s grace and patience. The Angel of the Lord appears again, and this time both parents-to-be are granted God’s vision and blessing. Excitedly, Mr. Manoah prepares a feast, and the Angel tells him to expect a child soon. Then unexpectedly, the Angel disappears, and Mr. Manoah has a “crisis of belief.” 🙁 “We will certainly die because we have seen a supernatural being.” In light of all that has happened, Mrs. Manoah gathers up her skirts, looks him in the eye, and says: LOOK! If the Lord wanted to kill us, don’t you think he would have done it then? “rolling eyes here

You know God has a way of sharing his blessings, but we must be prepared and believe God when they come.

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