There is no God like Jehovah

Is 40 There is no God like Jehovah is repeated over and over in a praise song and may have been chosen from this passage in Isaiah. Truly God is unlike Buddhism, Islam, or any other idol gods. Isaiah asks the Israelites as they sin by worshiping idols: “To whom can you compare God? To […]

Forever is a very long time!

2Chron 6-7, Psalm 136 Forever is a very, very long time Solomon has finished the temple and now takes time to praise God for who He is and what He is like. His love endures FOREVER, and forever is a very long time. By His name, He is immutable; He is self-existent. Think of him with words […]

Is Life Fair? Find the Answer in Ps 73.

In Matthew 18, Jesus took time to quell the bickering of the disciples using the illustration of a child’s humility. He also gave them a stern warning to not be a stumbling block for ones who are new in their faith or just beginning to grow. Today we meet a man who long ago faced […]