Ps. 111- As you read each day, ask God to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him to open your eyes, ears, and heart. Then do as the Psalmist: give thanks to the Lord with your whole heart. [Ps 111:1 paraphrase] Praise Him for His work is majestic and glorious, and his faithfulness endures forever. [Ps […]

Are we praising God today?

Ps 50; 53; 60; 75 The psalmist is struggling with the attitude of ungratefulness. He has presented his offerings, but they are insufficient because of a hard heart. Just doing things outwardly is not what God desires, He desires inward repentance. It is not the sacrifice but the sacrifice of praise. Heb 13:15 “continually offer […]

A Tale of Three men and the Lessons for Us

Does character count? How do we evaluate? 3 John  A Tale of Three Men and the Lessons for Us. The Apostle John wrote a snail mail letter to the church. He had no hesitation of having it read publicly; in fact—he published it on the open market! So what did he say and why should we […]

Are You Drifting?

In chapter one of Hebrews, as believers in Christ, the author encourages us to rejoice in our Savior because he is the radiance of God’s glory. We extol his name and we praise him in song  in word in the assembly of the righteous, BUT….. here are the questions before us: What do we do when […]

Watch Night Service and Praising God

Does your church have a “watch night” service planned for the last night of the year? Many churches offer services held on this evening culminating with rejoicing and feasting after a service of singing, praying and testimonials? In growing up that was one of the highlights of Christmas vacation! I always loved going to be […]

And all of the people said “Praise the Lord!”

 The writer of these psalms wisely counsel us to praise the Lord for He is God, and His lovingkindness is ever before us in all we see and experience. “While we are studying this holy Psalm, let us all along see ourselves in the Lord’s ancient people, and bemoan our own provocations of the Most […]

Soar Like the Eagle!

A good question to ask oneself might be: Where am I today in my spiritual walk? Have I stopped to thank God for His many provisions of blessings?  In Psalm 102 we find that the psalmist is “in the pits.”  The psalmist  visualizes life alone, life without hope. “I am like an owl in the […]

It is Fitting…and no this is not about clothes!

How fitting to follow Romans 11 with  Psalm 92 and 93  which teach us much about humility, about the Creator, the Sovereign One in all of His fullness, and His work. The psalmist says it is fitting (it is a beautiful thing, it is a good thing) that we should give thanks to the Lord […]

Is Life Fair? Find the Answer in Ps 73.

In Matthew 18, Jesus took time to quell the bickering of the disciples using the illustration of a child’s humility. He also gave them a stern warning to not be a stumbling block for ones who are new in their faith or just beginning to grow. Today we meet a man who long ago faced […]

Worthless vs Ideal Words [ Matt 12 &Prov 16 ]

I love this picture to the left because it reminds me that even if I am faithless He is faithful. I don’t know if you can relate but often have I cringed at something I have just said and the verse in Matthew 12 comes back to convict me.  It is then that I am […]