Is God your Redeemer?

Job 19 As Job sat in dust and ashes and listened to his miserable comforters, he echoed the words of Solomon: “My assailants revile and conspire against me all day long.” [Lam 3:62] Yet, in all this, God’s words ring forth; Job is “a blameless and upright man, one who fears God and turns away […]

What’s In Your “Wallet”?

Psalm 112  Are you yoked with Christ so when adversity comes you are prepared? The world clamors for peace and harmony yet they deny the Yoke of Christ. They deride those who choose the path of godliness yet they cannot deny the evidence which stares them in the face. They cannot understand how it is […]

Steadfast Confidence

How do you react in times of difficulty? Are we confident in the God we say we believe? If so, are we living so that others may ask how we are facing life’s circumstances? As Paul wrote this second letter to the church in Corinth he shared from the heart the burdens he was carrying […]

Is Life Fair? Find the Answer in Ps 73.

In Matthew 18, Jesus took time to quell the bickering of the disciples using the illustration of a child’s humility. He also gave them a stern warning to not be a stumbling block for ones who are new in their faith or just beginning to grow. Today we meet a man who long ago faced […]