“How to Meditate on God’s Word”

Psalm 119 Here is a simple method for reading and pondering the words of scripture. Begin with a series of questions. For example, in the first stanza of 119, there are just eight verses. Try asking, as you read, some or all of these questions. Follow this example: What words are repeated? blessed What attribute […]

Don’t Stop Praying!

Jeremiah 11/12 Is there ever a time when you stop praying for a person? We answer, no, but then we read Jeremiah and hear God say: “Do not pray for these people. Do not cry out to me or petition me on their behalf. Do not plead with me to save them. I will not […]

Do You Pray for Righteous Leaders?

Did you pray for your spiritual as well as your government leaders today? Deuteronomy 17 “Praying for Righteous Leadership” Prov  14:34 “Righteousness Exalts a Nation” is as true today as it was when Moses penned the words of Deuteronomy. God knows his people’s hearts and how easily they can fall victim to the ways of Satan who […]

Children Are A Gift from God

Genesis 33 “Children are a Gift” This week marks the 40th anniversary of Roe vs Wade here in America. It has been a long journey fraught with ups and downs and often hostility. No one has won in this war and the losses have been extreme for all. When Esau met Jacob to reunite with […]


I have spent the better part of the morning crying and not just crying but grieving deeply. It matters not for the “what” but it does matter that I grieve with Paul over the loss of loved ones that refuse the gospel message. So here’s my question: What brings grief to your heart? Is it […]

“Talking to Yourself…”

  How many times today have you caught yourself talking to yourself? Are you rehearsing the words of the accuser of the brethren? He says “you cannot be assured of your salvation.” You are not alone my friend. Before David was crowned king he faced many difficult and challenging circumstances and often if truth be […]

The Original War Room

 A recent movie reveals the spiritual battle that all believers face, but the original War Room was in Heaven and played out on the screen of the Garden of Gethsemane. The screenplay revealed the tool of temptation, the submission of our Savior and the power of prayer. Only Luke reveals to us what took place […]

Serving Along Sanctification Highway

The Corinthian church needed an ‘overhaul’ of their priorities and who better than the father of this church, Paul the Apostle. He encourages the Corinthians to imitate him as he follows Christ, the ultimate example of servant-hood as he washed the feet of the disciples. No man is an island but we journey towards the […]