A Word to the Wise…we are in this together whether we like it or not.

2 Cor 6 “A Word to My Fellow Workers” This is how Paul sees his relationship with the Corinthians. How do you see your relationship with those you partner with at your church; are they your fellow workers as well? Paul reminds us that as a fellow worker we are not to take or receive […]

Preparation for 2017

Psalm 1&2 “Rooted in the Word” Who wants to be blessed or happy? Most would answer “I do!” But our way to happiness and blessedness is fraught with dangers set by our enemy the devil whose intents and purposes are in sharp contrast to the Almighty. Thus to be truly “happy” and “blessed” the psalmist […]

Serving Along Sanctification Highway

The Corinthian church needed an ‘overhaul’ of their priorities and who better than the father of this church, Paul the Apostle. He encourages the Corinthians to imitate him as he follows Christ, the ultimate example of servant-hood as he washed the feet of the disciples. No man is an island but we journey towards the […]

“Honoring God with the Heart”

When you read the word “defilement” what images come to mind? Is it some picture of a far off land and people searching through the dump looking for food? OR Is it some picture of a church with people dressed in their finest taking communion who have yet to take this step: Psa 51:2 Wash […]

Me n’ Jesus makes a Majority…Matthew 10

Did you ever see the Apostle Matthew as humble and unassuming? Yep, he was and in chapter 9 we see a short snippet of his calling. Here he was minding his own business…the tax business that is and along comes this radical preacher dude and says “Follow Me.”. Hmmmm Choices! Choices! Yet, this humble man […]