Kingdom Workers

Numbers 3-4 God directed Moses to guide Aaron in selecting those workers to erect and dismantle the Tabernacle for “moving day” and established duties that brought order by choosing the clan of the Levites with one leader, Aaron. He was to have many followers/workers for the erecting and dismantling of the Tabernacle in an orderly […]

A Word to the Wise…we are in this together whether we like it or not.

2 Cor 6 “A Word to My Fellow Workers” This is how Paul sees his relationship with the Corinthians. How do you see your relationship with those you partner with at your church; are they your fellow workers as well? Paul reminds us that as a fellow worker we are not to take or receive […]

Are You Ready?

Finishing up the Book of Romans with this post: September is here once again and with it many new Bible Studies are beginning. One of the details of being a leader in this arena is getting people to know one another and what better way than to give them a nametag. We might think of […]