A Word to the Wise…we are in this together whether we like it or not.

fellow workers2 cor 62 Cor 6 “A Word to My Fellow Workers”

This is how Paul sees his relationship with the Corinthians. How do you see your relationship with those you partner with at your church; are they your fellow workers as well?

Paul reminds us that as a fellow worker we are not to take or receive God’s grace in vain – that is as something that just came and went like a passing rain shower. No!  God’s grace came at a high price and Christ was the one who paid it.

Stop and ponder that phrase “fellow workers.”  Paul saw these Corinthians as God saw them. Paul had an eternal connection with the Father and in that connection he saw these people made in the image of God. Even in his blustery way, they had developed a connection with him and he wanted them to know how he felt about them; fellow workers in the kingdom. David Staal in his book “Show Up” writes “a one way relationship is after all, no relationship.” That is what Paul knew about his relationship with Christ and he wanted his fellow workers to also experience this one on one, which is why he implored them to “not receive the grace of God  in vain.”

Today look at those about you and consider them  your fellow workers in this journey of life. You won’t be disappointed. We are in this kingdom work together. There is no “him or her, ” no “them or us.” We are fellow workers and each one is gifted to carry this out as Jesus commanded: “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.” He didn’t qualify it to some and not all. It is a command for all of us.

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