Are You Ready?

ready 2cor 5a2Cor 5 “Are you ready to meet your Maker?”

This is a question that has been circulated for a very long time yet the answers we hear are “I hope so.” So how can we be assured that we are “ready?” Paul gives us some answers beginning with our desires.

Paul asks us to ponder these questions: Do we have the desire to put on our heavenly dwelling/house? Do we groan in this tent/body because of the weights of this world in which we live?

Paul says those are his desires and he is ready because he knows that the One who prepared him for this transition is God and He gave him the Holy Spirit to carry him through this time as he lives in our earthly tents. That is why he is not discouraged as he reminded us in chapter 4 but he is encouraged and not only that but his ambition while here is to please God.

Can we answer in the same way? Is that our desire too?

In fact that is why Paul earnestly seeks to not only please God but to persuade others to also believe the truth of the gospel message. He ends this dialog to the Corinthians by saying “we plead with you on Christ’s behalf, Be reconciled to God!”

This past week two beloved believers left their earthly tent quite unexpectedly. I knew neither but do know their children whose hearts are heavy. Our sweet condolences and sympathy are sent here to them. My thoughts to them are that even though their parents were unaware that their name was next on Heaven’s list and they stepped into their day expecting to finish it by laying in sleep, God called both home through what some see as tragic circumstances but God’s plan was perfect.

Beloved, What the world sees as tragedy God sees as victory. 

So my question to you is this : if today were your last day here on earth would you, like Paul, be ready?

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