Are You Ready?

2Cor 5 “Are you ready to meet your Maker?” This is a question that has been circulated for a very long time yet the answers we hear are “I hope so.” So how can we be assured that we are “ready?” Paul gives us some answers beginning with our desires. Paul asks us to ponder […]

The Widow’s Mite….

After teaching a parable regarding the hypocrisy of the religious leaders, being tested by the Sadducees about the resurrection and an interchange between an expert in the Law who is found to not “be far from the kingdom of God,” Jesus takes time out and sits down. This is one of the few times we […]

Prov 7 “Simpleton or Mature?”

Recently a post was written to young men/women about life after high school. It was interestingly similar to an instructional manual and could have come right out of Proverbs 7! Listen to some of the advice offered: To the gals: If a guy calls you at 2 AM to “hangout”…he is not boyfriend material. To […]