“How to Meditate on God’s Word”

How to read and meditate

Psalm 119 Here is a simple method for reading and pondering the words of scripture. Begin with a series of questions. For example, in the first stanza of 119, there are just eight verses. Try asking, as you read, some or all of these questions.

Follow this example:

  1. What words are repeated?
    1. blessed
  2. What attribute of God is noted?
    1. God has ordained His precepts; therefore, God is worthy of our praise, for He is a God of order and design for men. 
  3. Is there a contrast or a comparison noted?
    1. Those who follow in God’s footsteps are blessed. In contrast, those who do not are shamed. 
  4. Which synonyms are given? 
    1. Precepts, ordinances, law, statutes, commands 
  5. Is there a result from the psalmist meditation that you could apply to your life?
    1. No shame comes to those who focus on God’s commands. 
  6. Is there a command that I need to obey? 
    1. Learn God’s just regulations, keep God’s statutes
  7. Is there a challenge given?
    1. I will keep God’s statutes.
  8. Is there a plea to God for some area of his life to which you can relate?
    1. Do not abandon me; pray that my heart is predisposed or steadfastly directed towards knowing and applying God’s precepts.
  9. Is there a verse that I can take with me all day today?
    1. [Pick your own]

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