The God I serve!

Jeremiah 5/Gen 18 Have you ever felt the deepness of a heart’s sadness? The world seems shattered, and the residents see death all around them. At times like this, our words lay fallow in our prayers—or so we think. We wonder, as Jeremiah did, Is there any good news, or Is it all bad news? […]

But then….

Beloved, are you praising God or are you struggling? Psalm 108-109 show us the opposing sides of life’s coin. Together they teach this principle: in all of life we must be God centered and focused. How often do we quote Psalm 23 and invoke its beauty and add that to our repertoire of prayers as we begin […]

Psalm 108 “When Morning Gilds the Skies”

What was your morning like today? Did you wake up chipper and raring to go or dragging? How do you begin your day, with or without a time alone with God? King David was both a morning person and also a night owl. Although busy with kingdom issues, David found time to be alone with […]

And all of the people said “Praise the Lord!”

 The writer of these psalms wisely counsel us to praise the Lord for He is God, and His lovingkindness is ever before us in all we see and experience. “While we are studying this holy Psalm, let us all along see ourselves in the Lord’s ancient people, and bemoan our own provocations of the Most […]

Not Rejected….Redirected!~

Recently I  a precious friend posted this note after having lived through “hell and back.” “I’ve been thinking that I’d been rejected these past two years. God told me today that wasn’t true, I’ve been redirected. His plans are always best and I always trust in His guidance and love. Feeling really in love with […]