Celebrations of Blessings!

Zechariah 14 The Feast of BoothsWhat celebration brings joy to your heart and mind? Is it Thanksgiving or Christmas, or another? For Israel, it was and is the Feast of Booths/Sukkah to commemorate the release from Egyptian slavery thousands of years ago. It is a celebration of rejoicing over God’s provision. Long ago, God’s command […]

“Obedience = Blessing”

Lev 26-27 God desires that His people be a light among the nations. He desires that we obey Him and receive blessings, but just like an errant child who knows what they are to do and not do, sometimes God will allow discipline to correct His children. This is as true today as it was […]

Soar Like the Eagle!

A good question to ask oneself might be: Where am I today in my spiritual walk? Have I stopped to thank God for His many provisions of blessings?  In Psalm 102 we find that the psalmist is “in the pits.”  The psalmist  visualizes life alone, life without hope. “I am like an owl in the […]