There is no God like Jehovah

Is 40 There is no God like Jehovah is repeated over and over in a praise song and may have been chosen from this passage in Isaiah. Truly God is unlike Buddhism, Islam, or any other idol gods. Isaiah asks the Israelites as they sin by worshiping idols: “To whom can you compare God? To […]

“Obedience = Blessing”

Lev 26-27 God desires that His people be a light among the nations. He desires that we obey Him and receive blessings, but just like an errant child who knows what they are to do and not do, sometimes God will allow discipline to correct His children. This is as true today as it was […]

“The Third Commandment”

Lev 24 Today in our secular world, we find that men “yawn” at the Ten Commandments, but this chapter proves that God takes any violation seriously.  When a young man loses his temper in a fight he utters a curse taking the Lord’s name in vain. Others hear of it, resulting in him being isolated […]