Works, Purified or Fried?

Pray for a pure heart

2Thess 1 I love you! These words radiate across the centuries from the hand of Paul. How he, Silvanus, and Timothy loved the Thessalonians. Even today as we read these words we are transported back in time to this city where the believers faced afflictions and persecution similar to those who come into Christianity today. Threatened with death, loss of jobs and sometimes family connections they hung tough. As we saw in reading 1Thessalonians, the fruits of Paul’s labors are even seen today.  

Paul begins his letter to these precious Thessalonians, We ought to give thanks and we do so. Why? Their faith is greatly enlarged, their love for one another has grown even greater, and their perseverance and faith in the midst of their trials is an example to the entire Macedonian continent.  

Then Paul inserts an odd verse…your suffering is evidence of God’s righteous judgment to make you worthy of the kingdom of God. We stop, we ponder, we ask …is suffering a part of every believer’s walk that will make them worthy? Is suffering a “given” no matter what century you live in? What is Paul saying? He is saying, precious friends, you are like the gold taken by the miners which comes forth with unwanted elements. Yet you are, of all minerals, the most malleable and ductile. Your tensile strength is the strongest of all. Yet, one cannot see your beauty until you have been through the refining process and your dross is removed.  And just like the gold from the smelter’s furnace, when you are pure, you will “Brighten” (suddenly emitting a bright flash of light and immediately solidifying).  As you are being refined, it is our prayer that by God’s power your desire for goodness and every work of faith be accomplished so that He alone receives the glory. How grateful we are for these precious saints even today. Father, give us a heart to face our refining fire so we too will brighten for you!  

This post was written by a dear friend long long ago.

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