Questions about the afterlife

Luke 12 Are you prepared to meet Jesus? Some came to Jesus to inquire about those, the Galileans, who died by the hand of Pilate. Were they at the wrong place at the wrong time or the right place because it was “their time?” As Jesus listened, he noted that they had the wrong question. […]

Are you Spiritually Blind?

John 9 and 10 The blind is made to see the “seeing” remain blind. Will the religious leaders relinquish their man-made rules to believe? The disciples ask if the man sinned or his parents caused his blindness. Neither was the cause, but he “is” blind so that the works of God might be made manifest […]

The Shepherd Test

Matthew 9 and 10 Jesus spent a fair amount of time walking among the people, listening to their conversations. He saw those paralyzed both physically and spiritually. He saw a desperate father in need of direction when all around him was collapsing. He encountered religious leaders who could not or would not see the helpless, […]

Sow the seed and leave the results to God

Luke 8 and Matt 13 Ever go back to your high school reunion? If you have, you come away with ideas and thoughts about those four years. They walked with you, sat beside you in class but after high school, some stayed behind, and others went a different path. It was true for Jesus as […]

The Witnesses…

Matt 12:22-50 and Luke 11 The Witness of the Spoken Word & Creation There are many today that seek visible or tangible evidence to believe. I will believe when x,y,z happens, or when I can see God do a miracle before me. I will believe when I find the “real Bible.” I will believe when…and […]

Go and Tell

Matthew 11: What are we to go and tell? As John sits in prison, he may be set apart from the goings-on, but he is not unaware of what is happening beyond those prison walls. He still has connections with his advisors/disciples, and in their discussions, he sends them to Jesus to ask: “Are you […]

Three People, Three Responses

John 2 to 4: John reveals Jesus as the Lamb of God, a teacher who came from God, and God incarnate; the “I AM.” Jesus is the author of signs and miracles by changing water into wine, explaining the Spirit of God as the breath of God is and the healing work of the living […]

One Way

   Ezekiel 1 to 4 The ways of God are unsearchable, so says Paul: Rom 11:33 “Oh, the depth of God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge! How unsearchable are his judgments, and how unfathomable are His ways.” Do you find it hard to wrap your mind around the way God is, the way He works, and […]