Scattering brings forth fruit

Acts 8 It is interesting to read this account by Dr. Luke on the scattering of the early church due to persecution. Included in this we see that those who were believers went even to Samaria, a place detested by the Jews. We remember the stories of the Samaritan who cared for the injured man and then we read about the Samaritan woman who came to saving faith. All through the NT, God has given us a glimpse of those who were disregarded by the world, coming to faith. God is not partial to any and He will move heaven and earth to bring the gospel to the lost and dying. Thus we see now again that truth that Joseph saw: even what men try to do evil, God can use to turn to good that all men may hear and believe.  Acts 8 is proof that God can and will bring the gospel message to the world and Satan and his servants cannot stop it! 

Is there a Samaritan in your world that needs the gospel message? Will you and I step out to find them and share the good news? 

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