Wise or Foolish?

Trust God

Ps 20 Archaeologists seek to unearth the things lost to mankind and are hidden in the depths of the earth. They dig and find and then determine where these came from and the stories behind them. The Pharaoh’s in Egypt had pyramids to store their bodies and their riches to enter the after life. But, when the pyramids are opened, all that is there are mummified bodies and decaying riches. 

In the NT, Jesus told a story about a man who built many barns in which to store his riches. Jesus called him a fool. Jesus called him a fool because, just like the Pharaoh’s of old,  he trusted in those riches to meet his needs both in this present life and in eternity. He noted that like Pharaoh and the barn builder, they  trusted in chariots and horses for victories. He was saying, don’t put your trust in those things but instead put your trust in God because earthly riches will surely turn to dust and be lost in the rubble of the garbage heap but men who put their trust in God will one day be called wise by God. They heard the word and built their house on the rock, not on the sand. Both heard the word but only one put their trust in the rock of God.  

Where is your trust today? Do you trust in what will decay and be lost in the rubble of the earth where it will rot and rust? Or do you trust in the God of eternity who will determine your destiny? 

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