Purity and Holiness … a Mark of the Church

Be holy

1Cor 5-7 Today’s society is attempting to teach us that there is no right or wrong but what feel’s good. As a result we are seeing the decline of the church in the areas of purity and holiness. Like today, the Corinthian church had a serious problem. As a church they had failed to discipline the sin in their midst and in fact were accepting it and were proud. Why were they not sorrowing over this serious sin? Why had they not administered discipline? The world would tell us that we must love all men and that biblical standards are outdated, antiquated and must be changed. But, God’s word does not reveal that thinking. What it does reveal is this: Sin will infect the entire church just as yeast infects the dough. It affects the whole body and the lines of purity and righteousness become blurred.

Begin with evaluating your church’s acceptance of sinful lifestyles. Follow the steps of 2Tim: Teach, rebuke, correct, train both in the home and in the church. The reason? Consider that Jesus may return at any moment. Is there any sin within you or the church that needs attention? Remember these words: Be ye holy as I am holy saith the Lord. If need be, follow the discipline principles of Matt 18 (one on one, two on one, bring to church).

We are to love all but we must also be wise and discerning, know truth from error and keep the church unspotted from the world.

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