Be an example.

1 Peter 5 Suffering and Glory

Peter resonates with the elders in the churches that he has seen, participated in and walked in their shoes. He saw, witnessed, the sufferings of Christ, although he knew not what all of that meant at the time. Jesus came to him on the seashore and challenged him to feed his sheep, tend his flock, and feed his lambs. Peter took that charge and now speaks to those who are leading the house churches and mainline churches around the dispersion. He includes himself in this as a fellow elder and gives charge to them to lead with humility. 

As these men lead, they are to model Christ. As you look at the elders in your church, do you see their model of humility? Do you see them feeding the flock that attends? Do you see them loving one another as Christ loved them? These are the qualifications that you are to observe in those who are the leaders of your church. Pray for them, honor their position and learn from them. 

Consider yourself blessed to have seen, touched and learned from each elder who has the responsibility over you for as Hebrews says, Christ will hold them accountable. They may suffer as the early elders did but they did so looking forward to the day when their glory will be revealed. 

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