Gifts for the Kingdom

1 Cor 12 Looking back at the Savior’s call, we see Andrew had the gift of finding people. John had the gift of tenderness. Matthew had the gift of accounting and details. Each had a unique gift that might be useful for kingdom work, and so it is with us today. As believers, we are all blessed with the indwelling Holy Spirit who graciously shares varieties of gifts and ministries with the Body of Believers for one reason: to build up or edify the Body and glorify God. There is not one gift that is better or lesser than another. Just as the gifts are diverse, so the ministries and activities are different, but they all come from one source: The Holy Spirit. David Guzik writes: “The purpose of the manifestation of the Spirit is to benefit the whole church family, not just a particular individual.” 

Precious Ones, you are equipped or endowed with one or more of God’s unique gifts/talents to be used in his kingdom work. He has chosen you and bestowed upon you his gifts. “It is one and the same Spirit, distributing as he decides to each person, who produces all these things.” Further, “God has blended together the body…” This is God’s way of allowing us to share, express, and receive God’s love as we do kingdom work here on earth. Therefore, “Do not neglect the spiritual gift you have, given to you and confirmed” by the Holy Spirit. [1Tim 4:14]

What is your gift and are you using it for kingdom work? 

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