Beam Me up.

Those were the words in a famous TV show, but Revelation 1 was precisely that for the last remaining Apostle, John. As a prisoner incarcerated on the Island of Patmos, John was given the revelation of the risen Christ in all of His glory. Hearing a voice, he turned and saw Christ. Precious ones, we too will see this Christ when we enter glory upon our death. Cling to these words: One day, you will see Him not dressed in a robe that was discarded at his death but now dressed in a robe that extended down to his feet, with eyes like a burning flame. His hair is whiter than wool, and his voice is like that of a waterfall.

Can you picture this, and are you ready to see the revealed Christ? Only those who have bowed the knee to Him and are washed in the blood of the Lamb.

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