Glory to God Alone!

Acts 3 Peter and John continued their daily times of going to the Temple to pray. Dr. Luke tells us plainly it was 3 pm and that this beggar was being carried to his place where he would be seen by the many coming. God has a plan and He will fulfill it, whether it be 3pm or any other time. Why did God choose to have Peter and John walk to this very gate? Why did God choose to have that beggar there rather than at any other time? Why is a question we can ask over and over but the evidence demands a verdict and in this case it demands that we see and give glory to God for the work He has done.

Peter and John were the new ambassadors for God. They were in the right place at the right time and God’s Spirit empowered them to offer healing to this man, who like the man Jesus found at the pool, was chosen by God to be healed. Both men had been lame and suffered. One suffered from birth and the other from an unknown source but both needed healing. As with the story of Jesus, only one man was chosen by God to be healed. Sometimes we wonder why one person continues to suffer and another is healed. Again it is our why questions that lead us to give God glory and nothing else.

Both went into the temple after their healing. One chose to give God glory and the other tattled to the religious leaders. Our response to the hand of God upon us reveals our heart.

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