Are you faithful?

Hebrews 3 The writer has told his readers that Jesus is creator unlike angelic beings. They are still wandering and need more instruction. He now turns to  his illustration of Moses and to the reasons they are not to worship him. He was a servant in God’s House but Jesus is the Son in God’s House. To show them the thinking, he uses the illustration of the architect and the product. The architect merely sketches the building but the end product of a new house reveals what the plans were on paper. 

Again the author uses the second illustration to show how God is not pleased with His people. He brought them out of bondage, He fed them manna in the wilderness, gave them water to drink from the rock and protected them from their enemies. And what did they do with those gifts but murmur! Therefore, after 40 yrs. God said, they are not committed and therefore they shall not enter my rest. 

Where are you today in your spiritual walk? Be forewarned from these examples. Honor Jesus and be grateful for what God has done for you. 

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