Covenants and Vows

Mark 10 and Matt 19 A covenant is a binding agreement. As God made a covenant with His people, marriage partners covenant together by a vow that this union is for life or until God calls one home. What does that entail? It means what Solomon wrote: “When you make a vow to God, do […]

Lessons from the Master Teacher

Luke 16 To totally understand the parable of the “unjust steward” Jesus wants us to take time from our recess and stick around a little more during discussion time. He is saying you need to connect the dots between what He taught in Luke 15 and Luke 16. Listen, all three stories teach us principles […]

Fear or Courageous?  

Mark 6 In Proverbs we read: the fear of man is a snare but whoever trusts in the Lord will be set on high. [Prov 29:25] In this chapter we meet two men, one who is fearful of all men and one who is not. One has fallen into the snare or trap of the […]

The Way, The Truth, & The Life

Mark 1; Luke 3; Matthew 3 Fast Forward Once John the Baptist opened the hearts of men, people revealed the depths of their longing for the Messiah and His power. God does not disappoint, and Jesus comes onto the scene, proving he is the long-awaited Messiah. John was the voice; Jesus, the messenger prophesied long […]

Decisions, Decisions

Matthew 1 How would you respond if you had heard the news of your fiancee’s pregnancy and you knew it was not from you? Joseph was obviously very distressed as he was a man of integrity. Matthew records these words about him: “a righteous man,..he did not want to disgrace her,” He took these words to heart but did not act unrighteously […]

What or Whom do you love?

Malachi 1-4 Malachi, Malachi, what are you telling me? You are telling me the same thing Jeremiah has told me in chapter 3 of his book. People are sinful and unrepentant. They are told that simple statement and reject it. Both authors use the Socratic method of God asking a question and the people responding. […]