Once Dead, Now Alive!

Ezekiel 37 Paul reminded the Ephesians that they “were dead” but are no longer because of the power of the energizing Holy Spirit that raises the dead to life. “And although you were dead in your offenses and sins…He made us  alive together with Christ—by grace, you are saved!” [Ephesians 2:1, 5] Ezekiel vividly illustrated […]

God’s Parables

Ezekiel 15 to 18 “Parables Teach Principles” God had Ezekiel tell parables to the exiles, yet just as in Jesus’ time, the truths were hidden to those whose perceptions were dull. Jesus said: they will hear but not perceive the truth. However, when a heart is open, they will glean a truth for life. [Matt […]

The God I serve!

Jeremiah 5/Gen 18 Have you ever felt the deepness of a heart’s sadness? The world seems shattered, and the residents see death all around them. At times like this, our words lay fallow in our prayers—or so we think. We wonder, as Jeremiah did, Is there any good news, or Is it all bad news? […]

God’s Plans, Promises & Our Excuses

Jeremiah 1-2 Long ago, Jeremiah, a priest of Anathoth, was called by God to preach and prophesy God’s word. When God called him, He said: Before I formed you, I chose you; before you were born, I set you apart. Before you were born, I appointed you to be a prophet. Our perfect God plans […]

God is always there!

Isaiah 40-41 We finally can rejoice with Isaiah as he shares the glory and majesty of our God to his people and us! When the Jerusalemites heard these words from Isaiah, can you imagine the joy, the hope? Even though they would have to face 70 yrs. of captivity for their sin, God’s promise was true […]

God is immutable…

Ps 111 His precepts are sure. John MacArthur writes: Two polar opposite views of God’s will can cause Christians to have faulty understandings of prayer and the accomplishing of God’s purposes. The same can be said for how people view the character of God. On the one hand, some believe the words of the song […]

God’s Blessings

Ps 73 Questions and Answers Do you see a disparity as you look at the people around you? Does it seem like those who live unrighteous lives prosper while those who live righteously struggle? The author Asaph sees this, and we do as well. Why does God allow those who are despicable and unrighteous to […]

How Good a Detective are you?

Ps 18:25 Detectives gather evidence by searching for clues.  The student of the Word is to do the same.  Jesus drew from the psalms to teach his disciples the principle that how men treat others is how God will treat them.  For example, the Psalmist reveals a clue about God’s mercy: Ps 18:25 ESV With […]