Sitting Silent Before the Lord

zephaniah 1 to 3 sit silently2a

Zephaniah 1-3 Although the Prophet Zephaniah writes a message of doom and gloom there is light at the end of the tunnel, as we say. Read the whole book so you can see it. The wonderful thing about Zephaniah is that he did not keep the message God gave him, as hard as it was, to himself. The reason he shared is that like nearly all messages given to the prophets of old it was to call the people to repentance. Perhaps that is why he called for the people to “be silent before the Lord.”

Why is Zephaniah so clear on God’s plan of vengeance? He responds that men’s hearts are stagnant. They say the Lord will not do good or evil. They had lost the glory and grandeur of the Majesty of God. God is no longer real to them. They needed a wake-up call. So he calls them to seek the Lord, seek righteousness, and seek humility. Like the first king of Nineveh said; perhaps the Lord will delay his wrath.

Zephaniah continues to tell the Israelites that God is righteous and he commits no unjust acts. Every morning he reveals his justice. Jeremiah reminded them that His mercies are new every morning, great is His faithfulness. When all is said and done God will leave in their midst a humble and meek people who will find safety in the presence of the Lord.

Have you found that place of safety?  When was the last time you sat silent so you could hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to you about your sin?

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