Don’t be a hornet

2 Timothy We have heard the phrase “don’t disturb a hornet’s nest” and I can attest that to be true. When I was a teenager helping my dad clean out the tobacco barn I inadvertently disturbed one and the result was massive insect bites for hornet’s unlike bees, can sting and sting again. So that […]

What Do People Say About Us?

Zechariah 8 The leaders from Bethel had come to inquire regarding the fasts they had been keeping. Should we continue as we have these last 68 yrs.? God did not directly answer that question of them but He did tell them what He required. It is the same answer He gave to Micah and later to […]

Living Righteously in an Unrighteous World

Jesus challenged us to be a proclaimer of the Good News of the Kingdom which essentially means that we seek to glorify Him that brought us to redemption and salvation.  But, practically what does that mean and how is it evidenced? One of the ways we can be a proclaimer is to live righteously in […]