Don’t be a hornet

2 Timothy We have heard the phrase “don’t disturb a hornet’s nest” and I can attest that to be true. When I was a teenager helping my dad clean out the tobacco barn I inadvertently disturbed one and the result was massive insect bites for hornet’s unlike bees, can sting and sting again. So that phrase is true, not just in the insect world but also in the affairs of men. Paul encourages Timothy to not be engaged in controversial issues for they just raise the anger and the endless back and forth with no resolution. “But reject foolish and ignorant controversies because you know they breed infighting. “ [2 Tim 2:23] How true that is today as we seek to be discerning regarding the men who seek to fulfill the office of president.

Instead, Paul encourages us to be faithful using the examples of a soldier, an athlete and a farmer. All of these are rewarded with advancement and blessings when they are obedient and faithful by remaining steadfast. Which example would you choose to follow?  That holds true not just in the world of occupations but also in the Lord’s army. May we study to be approved, a workman who is unashamed before our Lord. 

Don’t be a hornet but choose to be a faithful steward of God’s Word. 

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