Hope…a necessary element

Jeremiah 50-52 And So Jeremiah brings his book to a close…but… While listening to the lecture on Titus, the teacher made this observation: without hope, people are lost. Is that why God gave Jeremiah those words? “It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom and by […]

Whom do you fear?

Jer 47-49 God gives Jeremiah His words regarding the nations around Judah who worship idols, and the message has bad omens. You will be defeated! God tells Jeremiah this about Moab: “you trust in the things you do and in your riches.” and “Your god Chemosh will go into exile along with his priests and […]

Faithful or Stubborn?

Jer 40-42 What God said would happen happened. The Babylonians took over Jerusalem and carted off its people. God graciously opens the heart of Nebuchadnezzar and allows the prophet Jeremiah to go free. He is given two choices, go to Babylon and live with Nebuzaradan or return to his people. “He stayed there to live […]

Fear or Trust in God?

Isaiah 9 God’s Only Son The prophet Isaiah lived and served under many kings, and most were ungodly like King Ahaz. They didn’t believe God as in the former times so when war was on the horizon they lived in fear. Yet, God sent Isaiah to the king to remind him that He was still […]

There is a godly remnant!

Isaiah 1-3 Headlines! Are you encouraged or discouraged when reading today’s news headlines? Imagine being Isaiah and being called to be God’s living “newspaper reporter” to the kingdom of Judah. Isaiah was to report the news just as God revealed it, and he did. God noted that the kingdom had fallen far from the ideal […]

Ponderings from the Wisest Man

Eccl 1-3 Solomon spent much of his time musing over many topics and came away thinking that all this striving is futile, fleeting, and incomprehensible (J.MacArthur). Yet Solomon kept going back to his drawing board with this phrase “I said in my heart; I searched in my heart; and I turned my heart.” That is […]