Melchizedek and Christ

Hebrews 7 Christ a Priest Forever!

The author continues to present Christ as superior to all and in this chapter he presents him as priest forever because he sacrificed himself for us. The example he gives us is the person of Melchizedek who has no beginning and no ending and as he said, he is like the Son of Man, Christ Jesus himself. In order to help his readers see this perfection, he gives us the example of Abraham who returning from the slaughter of the evil kings received a blessing from Melchizedek and in turn Abraham gave him a tenth of the spoils. 

How beautiful is this example for us who are NT Christians to see how when we are about the business of God, He blesses us and in turn we offer a tenth of our spoils to honor him who has no beginning and no ending. Also, this Jesus now sits in the heaven with God Almighty and intercedes for us when we have needs. 

Consider this blessed reader as you are called to honor the one who suffered for you. 

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