Tutorial for Kids from Dad!

Prov 7-9 Kids, listen to Dad In this day and age, it seems that all rules regarding purity are thrown out the window. So, “Father” Solomon continues to instruct his children about how to test purity through a real-life example of Madam Folly’s life and intentions vs. Lady Wisdom, whose life is pure.  Listen, my […]

“The Price of Sin”

Joshua 7 to 9 Jericho had seemed a sweet victory, but unbeknown to Joshua, God was angry. Fresh from a victory, the Israelites failed to consult God about taking the next city, Ai. Looking with only their human eyes, they saw Ai as a simple takeover, unlike Jericho. Secondly, Joshua foolishly failed to consult God […]

Is Holiness a Puzzle? And If so, what is the missing piece?

Leviticus 21 What does it mean to be holy in an unholy world? It means that we stand apart from that which is profane. It means that we see ourselves as saved by His grace and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ. It means we are to ask ourselves if we are partnering with […]