“The Price of Sin”

God sees our sin

Joshua 7 to 9 Jericho had seemed a sweet victory, but unbeknown to Joshua, God was angry. Fresh from a victory, the Israelites failed to consult God about taking the next city, Ai. Looking with only their human eyes, they saw Ai as a simple takeover, unlike Jericho. Secondly, Joshua foolishly failed to consult God before sending his army into battle. Ai should have been easy; instead, they faced defeat. Returning to camp and hearing the news, Joshua took time to go before God only to hear: “Get up!” Sometimes God has to do that with us as well. We can’t see our sin lying down. We must get up and face the problem.

Even though the Israelites had heard of God’s directive of the ban on all things in Jericho, Achan had casually dismissed it. How like us. We know what God desires, but we fail to think ahead to the consequences of disobedience. Achan not only lost the treasures he stole and hid, but also the blood of his family and thirty-six men were laid to his account.

Do you dismiss sin? Do you think “God will understand?” God does not overlook sin but demands purity and righteousness. We foolishly believe our sin only affects us. Be forewarned; “be sure your sin will find you out.” [Num 32:23]

if you are facing defeat, get up, seek God’s face about your situation and let Him reveal what is truly happening.

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