Jesus is Willing!

matthew 8 god can2In our present day society we have those we consider outcasts. These are the lonely, the homeless, the ones rejected or excluded. They have neither the tender touch of a loved one or the soft spoken word to alleviate their loneliness. These are the ones the Polish novelist, Joseph Conrad, described as hugging a memory or some illusion of what life used to be or should be. Meet four individuals who fit this description. Walk with Jesus as He interacts with each one and see how Jesus transforms their lives.

Vs 1-4: The leper, examined by the priest and considered unclean has been banished from society lest he infect others. As we read we see ourselves, unclean not due to leprosy but due to sin and we ask is He willing to cleanse me?

Vs 5-13 The gentile centurion seeks healing for his servant having learned of the power of this Jesus and notes with humility that he is unworthy. We like the centurion are unworthy of Jesus yet He only requires that we like the centurion believe. Jesus speaks and the servant whom he has not met is healed. Do we have the faith of the centurion?

Vs 14-17 Peter’s mother in law is sick with the fever. Jesus touches her and instantly she is healed and begins serving. Is this our response to the healing touch of Jesus?

Vs 24-28 The demoniac answers the question the disciples asked: Who is this man and from the lips of the one controlled by the evil Satan hear “Son of God leave us alone!” As we share Jesus our listeners may respond like the demoniac, the herdsmen or Felix: “Go away for now, and when I have an opportunity, I will send for you.” [Acts 24] Yet Jesus speaks and the demons obey. Do we let the words of Jesus bring power to those in need?

Perhaps you are the leper, the centurion seeking healing for another, a family member, or even one bound by the evil one. Do you believe these words: “With God all things are possible?” You cannot but He can. Do you have faith to allow Him to transform you from the inside out so that you may serve Him?

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