“On the Chopping Block”

are you prepared

2Peter 1-3 Who is on the chopping block is the question asked by the TV host of a show by that name. Different chefs are given unusual food items to craft a meal and then their meals are critiqued. One will be chopped from the lineup and sent packing until only one is left.

In some ways, Peter’s second letter is a reminder of a “chopping block.” It is into that scenario that Peter writes a letter to those who will be alive in a time when the days are getting shorter, both seasonally and also biblically. Peter recognizes his earthly existence is also growing shorter. Nero is on the warpath and Peter, being in Rome, knows that his “head is on the chopping block.” False teachers are abounding and leading others astray. Like a wise and caring pastor, Peter reminds them that the false teacher’s doom is sure, their depravity is celebrated, and they are deceived by the evil one.

Therefore, they must be diligent to pay attention and do not lose heart.  Believers must “make every effort to make sure of [their] calling and election” [2Pet 1:10] lest they are led astray by these unprincipled men and are “chopped.” Instead, believers must use this time to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ until that day arrives. [2Pet 3:18]

Are you growing?

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