Wise or Foolish?

Be wise

Prov 13 Once again we see the fruit of discipline for one’s person as one’s children. Just as in Psalm 1, it is the wise who are blessed and given honor from the Lord and in contrast is the ones who choose to not are called fools. Over and over the writer encourages the reader to choose wisely lest they fall into the camp of the fools. 

Again, you can dress like a homeless person but instead have great wealth but you choose to not take advantage of it. This person is also a fool. 

Fools are those who have abundant blessings but choose to act as if they have none. They are fools because they have rejected the discipline of parents and circumstances God has allowed into their life. These are the tests that God presents that we may choose wisely, to reject and not learn from these tests is foolish. 

Help me Lord to choose wisely lest I too be called a fool. 

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