Whirring Wings & the Gospel

Isaiah 18-22 God is such a creative God. When I think of whirring wings, I think of planes but not so in Isaiah’s time. God has given Isaiah a visual picture of several nations opposed to God, and the first is the picture of whirring wings. Dr. Constable says the land of Cush and beyond […]

Sharing the Gospel–without words

2 Kings 16-17, 2 Chron 28  We live in a neighborhood of immigrants who do not speak English. This is not a new phenomenon!  Back in the OT times, God allowed a wicked Assyrian king to carry away the nation of Israel to his foreign land. In their place, he sent other people he had […]

Doomsayers Depart!

Amos 6-9 Do you say, but I am only x, y, z? Do you not think that if God can use a sheepherder, He can use you? Or do you listen to the doomsayers who say, leave us; take your message to other people? Amos faced such backlash in Israel, which was not his home […]

“Unclean and Clean”

Lev 13, Matt 8 For the last few years, we have experienced the stigma of being “unclean” regarding the pandemic. There has been a public outcry to be vaccinated and how to handle this to protect others. In some way, this scenario is much like what Hansen’s disease or leprosy was to the Israelite community. […]

In the Spirit…

Rev 4-8 John writes twice that he was “in the Spirit.” What does that mean to us today? Yesterday, we recalled the words of Jesus to Peter, “Follow Me!” When we are following, we are doing as Christ. He was fully controlled and permeated by the power of the Holy Spirit. The question lay before […]

Angels or Christ?

Hebrews 1-4 It is Christmas time, and we spend exorbitant amounts of money to decorate our homes with Christmas trees. Usually, but not always, we place an angel at the tip-top. In reading these chapters, the early believers did much the same in their worship by elevating angels over Christ. He wrote to remind them […]