From the grave to heaven

1Thess 3 Be encouraged

The Left Behind series authored by Tim LaHaye offered truths about the end times and especially about our loved ones who have gone on to eternity.

Think now back to the first century when this teaching had been usurped by those who sought to teach that we could not be assured of our peace in regards to the afterlife. 

We have just celebrated our Lord’s death and resurrection which is always an encouragement to all who believe in the Lord. However,  in the first century there were many Judaizers or false teachers that roamed about presenting false teachings about the death of our blessed sisters and brothers. It seems that Paul encountered these people with their false teaching that caused many of the Thessalonians to be fearful that they had missed the second coming of the Lord. They thought that their loved ones had gone on ahead of them and they were left behind. 

Paul sent this letter to assure the believers that they too would meet Christ.

Some may meet him at the rapture, some will meet him in heaven upon their death. One certainty is this: when we die our bodies are placed in a grave waiting for the Lord to return and when he does our grave bodies will be reunited with our spiritual bodies. Then he will take each one to heaven with him. Encourage one another with these words. 

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